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Leon Kuwata x Reader: Roses?
(y/n)= Your name
(e/c)= Eye color
(h/c)= Hair color
(f/n)= Friend's name
(y/n) walked down the street tiredly. She wasn't up for this...this chaos. It was Valentine’s Day, and everyone in the school was going crazy for their boyfriend or girlfriend. But (y/n)?
No, she was single as a Pringle.
And her crush, Leon Kuwata, was nowhere to be seen.
Once her house came into view, she smiled with a slight sigh. She couldn't wait to get into her bed and just take a long nap.
But, as she neared her front steps, she saw something she couldn't believe.
Red, romantic roses, waiting to be picked up.
So, the (h/c) girl knelt down and picked up the bouquet, and looked at a small tag. It wrote in sloppy writing, 'For never being brave enough.'
(y/n) lifted an eye brow, but brought it in nonetheless. She had gotten out a nice blue glass vase, filled it with water, and put the roses in. It would make a nice center piece on the table. (y/n) p
:icontwilightmaroon:TwilightMaroon 29 8
Call Me Leon from Now On Leon Kuwata x Reader
(I decided to make this one gender netrual because I need to practice that, and yolo. Also, in a AU because of the same reason for the Oowada x Chihiro oneshot.)
       "Here, try again," Leon said, as he once again pitched the ball at (Y/N). (Y/N) froze, as the ball shoot right in front of them.
       "K-K-Kuwata!" (Y/N) stuttered. "How am I supposed to hit the ball when your throwing it at me at five million miles per hour?"
       "Dude, you were the one who said you wanted to learn some stuff 'bout baseball," Leon said, tossing a baseball in the air and catching it. "And I'm also not throwing it as hard as I usually do for you,"
       (Y/N) sighed, as they then sat down on the ground.
       "I'm tired... Kuwata can we rest for a bit?" (Y/N) asked. Leon smiled.
       "Course we can," The red haired boy said, then walking over to (Y/N). He sat down beside them,
:iconremix-kokoro:Remix-Kokoro 27 1
Seeking Solace (Leon Kuwata x Reader)
It probably seemed like a weird thing to do, but you considered these to be extenuating circumstances.
Extremely extenuating.
Still, it was difficult to quell the butterflies in your stomach as you walked down the hall, the silence around you only contributing to your already-frazzled nerves. There was something about being alone in the absolute quiet that was implicitly threatening, even though there was no way anybody could sneak up on you this way - even the slightest of noises seemed like gunshots to your ears.
Forcing yourself to get off that particular train of thought, you steeled yourself and, arriving at the door in front of you, raised your arm and knocked on the door quietly, before you could chicken out.
The knocks made you jump, even though you were the one causing the sound. On the other side of the door you heard a muffled thud and some other sounds of confusion, before a voice rang out,
"Who is it?"
You cleared your throat.
"It's me. Can I come in?"
"Huh? Oh yeah
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 37 11
How To Train Livia by Quarter-Virus How To Train Livia :iconquarter-virus:Quarter-Virus 283 10 Rookies by ikazuchisekka Rookies :iconikazuchisekka:ikazuchisekka 258 31 HTTYD Sketch Dump by BehindtheVeil HTTYD Sketch Dump :iconbehindtheveil:BehindtheVeil 479 40 HTTYD: The books by Iceway HTTYD: The books :iconiceway:Iceway 200 57 HTTYD: Have some more by Iceway HTTYD: Have some more :iconiceway:Iceway 117 26 HTTYD: I'm not done yet by Iceway HTTYD: I'm not done yet :iconiceway:Iceway 211 52 HTTYD: Even more doodles by Iceway HTTYD: Even more doodles :iconiceway:Iceway 135 55 HTTYD: When will it end? by Iceway HTTYD: When will it end? :iconiceway:Iceway 151 27 HTTYD: Snotlout by Iceway HTTYD: Snotlout :iconiceway:Iceway 228 54 HTTYD Character Sketches 002 by ikazuchisekka HTTYD Character Sketches 002 :iconikazuchisekka:ikazuchisekka 136 14
My Hero Academia (Flower Collection): Sunflower
(Taishiro Toyomitsu/Fatgum x Reader)~Sunflower
Warning: Light manga spoilers
You patrolled the city as usual for a pro hero, but the city felt more alive today. Couples everywhere, parents with children, and school students rushing all around. All of a sudden you collided with someone as you snapped out of your distracted state as you looked up to see Fatgum, the big pro hero. You were surprised to see him without his two academy student pupils.
“I’m so sorry!” you both exclaimed at the same time as he quickly crunched down on his hard candy and helped you off the ground. “It’s no big deal” you squeaked and blushed before fleeing. He was your biggest crush as a fellow hero and even more attractive heroes with sex appeal were no match for him. His cute round body and cheerful disposition were too irresistible. You were ashamed for your overwhelming cowardice in his presence as you glanced back to see him tilting his head in confusion.
Sir Nighteye sum
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 21 0
My Dear Senpai|Taishiro Toyomitsu(FatGum) x Reader
“[ f/n ]-chan..?”

With the faint whisper, [ f/n ] barely had enough energy to open her unwounded eye. As she took that peek, her breath came out as a shudder as she recognized the man -- even without his fat. Words couldn’t come out as she soon felt weak, letting her emotions get to her as she finally let her tears fall.

Taishiro had met her at a strange place. It wasn’t at school, a restaurant or a cafe. No...the first time he saw her was in an abandoned alleyway right before the street had ended. He was in his second year of middle school and he could tell that the huddled girl was around her first year in middle school, her uniform all torn and her hair disheveled. Taishiro immediately ran to her aid before he had tripped over a wooden plank and landed face first right in front of her. He immediately felt flushed as he was too embarrassed to face her now.
“What is that..”
:iconcookierocks:cookieROCKS 12 1
Mature content
Play Fighting (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader Lemon) :iconthecomicgal-moved:TheComicGal-Moved 100 12


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